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If you love your home , then you should never pressure washing it. It is not recommended by any siding manufacture regardless of what siding you have. If you have Vinyl than you could easily blow parts of it and push water behind it and it will rot inside out Same for Masonite or Wood siding and even Bricks when wet work like a sponge and keeps the water inside.
That is why you should hire us proficiently trained Technicians and let us do the cleaning for you. It is recommended to clean it every 2 years to keep stains from baking into the surface especially into metal rain gutters. We are the pioneers (20 years of experience) of none pressure property cleaning. By the time we are done with your Property/Business or Apartment it will shine with uniformed clean appearance.
You should always Soft Wash it.

You know what they say: If mamma is happy everybody is happy. That is what we always keep in mind when we go out there to do a job.

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